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Poster: radiotech Date: Feb 15, 2014 6:26am

This is a compilation of synopses of the episodes of the CBC Mystery Project, The Old Guy which was sent out in two series and repeated.
Produced by searching the original CBC HOT SHEETS, posted @ Google Groups, radio networks, CBC.

by Paul Ledoux

Starring Robert Haley

Music Composed by Milan Kymlicka
Produced & Directed by Bill Howell

This is a cop show that evolves from the inside out. It
features Charlie McMann, a retired Toronto Police
detective who lives with an ancient cat. Charlie's a
polite, awkward widower who runs a clock
repair shop. A leftover from Toronto-the-Good, he
almost seems content to become a museum of himself.
Yet, when he's called back to handle "delicate" cases,
Charlie suddenly discovers he's now living in one of
the great multicultural cities of the world. Everything's
changed since his days, and these days nobody even
bothers to guess how open he is. Maybe that's what
makes him such an effective policeman.

(01) A String of Black Beads
Charlie is called in to investigate the murder of a
prominent black clergyman.
(02) One Copper at a Time
Malcolm finds out somebody's been skimming from the
Police Union RRSP Plan for years. Unravelling the
problem means a delicate balancing act between the
head of the union and the current Chief of Police.
(03) Something in the Air
Based on an urban legend about the Toronto Police
Station haunted by the benign ghost of a feisty East
Coast prostitute.
(04) A Walk On The Water
A frozen corpse found at Cherry Beach turns out to
have ties with the controversial head of the Police
(05) Pumped Up
A drug dealer calls Charlie to complain that she's been
"ripped off" by two men posing as narcotics officers.
As Charlie starts to ask quiet questions, the head of
the Drug Squad lets him know his interest is not
particularly welcome.
(06) Jump Up, Fall Down
Toronto's International Caribbean Festival and
Caribana Parade are supposed to beupbeat and fun.
But this year, somebody takes a drive-by potshot at
the man the Chief has hired as consultant for the
Police float this year.
(07) Just Watch
Charlie is torn between professionalism and caring
when Jolene gets badly beaten up.
(08) The Clock
At $60,000 the auction bidding on an antique
Frodsham Precision Timekeeper surpasses Charlie's
resources, but the new owner hires him to assess and
repair it. Then, before he's able to insure it, the clock
is stolen from his shop. With Jolene and Malcolm's
unofficial but essential help, Charlie painfully pieces
together the workings of an almost timeless fraud.
Malcolm discovers a security breach in the Homicide
database. On Malcolm's advice, Kirk hires an outside
consultant with some specialized monitoring gear and
asks the ever-discreet Charlie to check things out. The
trail leads to a whole new world of cyber-communes,
where criminal activity may be more virtual than real –
and the darkest betrayals come from within.
(10) Born Again Wild
After a long stretch in jail thanks to Charlie, biker
Lockie Jones has found Christ. But his former
associates just won't leave him alone, sucking him into
a war between rival gangs. That's when Lockie turns
to Charlie for help.
(11) Give Me Shelter
When a homeless man is found murdered in the
downtown Rexton Shelter, the prime suspect is Oran, a
schizophrenic who often "forgets" to take hiscrucial
(12) A Badge of Dishonour
The political heat's already on high when Kirk asks
Charlie to help him check out a dead stripper, a
wrecked apartment and an officer's badge that
shouldn't be there. And just when the Special
Investigations Unit and the Police Union get wind of
things, the badge turns out to belong to Chief James
(13)Life Like Dust
Just when they've tied the murder of the Chief's
former partner to a stripper's vengeful husband, the
issue of political patronage from the Asian community
explodes in Kirk and Charlie's faces. And how can they
protect the Chief if they can't discover who else is
"taking care of him"?
Concluding episode of the current three-month season.
Robert Haley as Charlie;
William Colgate as Kirk;
Ryan Rogerson as Malcolm;
Karen Glave as Jolene;
Arlene Duncan as Betty Parker;
Hardee T. Lineham as Cliff Stark;
Chuck Shamata as Chief Bartlett;
D. Garnet Harding as Terry Kline;
Ho 'Oyster' Chow as Tran Nu;
William Johnston as Andy Wong
(14) Farewell to The Chief
The stunning suicide of Police Chief Bartlett leaves
Kirk reeling through amaze of private doubts and
public questions.
(15) Odds Against Tomorrow
Malcolm meets a charming Australian who has a nifty
computer system for handicapping thoroughbred horse
races. Everything appears to be on the
up and up until another local barn is hit by an arsonist.
(16) Security
The Somali-Canadian woman who runs the corner
grocery store asks Charlie to intervene when her 17-
year-old son is taken into custody by CSIS.
(17) The Book
A strict new Chief is blamed for the stress-related
suicide of an excellent officer. But Charlie begins to
suspect that something's being covered up.
(18) The Interrogator
The morning after an incident on the way home from a
sports bar, Jolene accuses Larry Hughes, the Internal
Affairs Unit head, of attempted rape. It's her word
against his, so everything depends on the expertise of
a female Police Interrogator.
(19) Silence
It's one thing for the very white and wildly unorthodox
Constable Ed Gunnerson to speak the same jargon as
Jamaican-Canadian street gangs. It's another thing
entirely, Charlie decides, to adopt the same value
(20) Cyber Gothic
Malcolm's niece Leah disappears, and it soon appears
that she and her roommate have been playing with fire
through a bizarre chat site on the web. How can
Charlie's team rescue Leah before she becomes just
another sorry statistic in Sexual Cyberspace?
(21) Spirited Away
The ghost of a former streetwalker leads Charlie and
Kirk to Angela Ford, the former madam of the most
discreet call-girl service in town.
(22) Kill The Messenger
Jolene goes undercover in the zippy, high-pressure
world of downtown bicycle messengers, knowing full
well that the officer who preceded her was murdered.
Charlie and Malcolm try to figure out how to back up
someone they can't keep up with.
(23) The Block Buster
The clash over the size and design of a new retirement
home turns especially creepy when Charlie starts
uncovering the corporate machinations of a certain
local politician.
(24) Buy And Sell
there are private deals on top of secret agreements
when Pim Dodge, a mail-order bride from Thailand,
turns in her importer husband. The delicate question
of hersafety is further complicated because the investigation
is being run by Lloyd Hardin, head of undercover
operations for the Drug Squad.
(25) Broken Windows
a stabbing in a cyber café leads Malcolm into the world
of street hustlers and "shooter"
(26) All For One
A follow-up to the shooting at the Asylum Squat. Charlie has to handle theaggressively flirtatious mother of the prime suspect